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Tempack (Temperature Packaging Solutions) is a leading company in the isothermal and refrigerated packaging sector. Our primary activity focuses on the manufacture, development and qualification of packaging solutions for transporting and distributing high added-value temperature-sensitive products, as well as biological and infectious samples.

Tempack offers the most innovative packing solutions to guarantee that the products' cold chain remains unbroken until they reach their destination.

Our "tailor-made", tested and qualified solutions adapt perfectly to suit the most demanding requirements, such as those in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and chemical industries, among others.

Created in 1996 by Indukern Group as Kern Frio S.L., Tempack is now an independent company and this autonomy, together with its flexibility, has enhanced and improved its capacity to respond to the sector's needs.

Our almost two decades of experience and the valuable know-how accumulated during this time endorse the development of our extensive portfolio of products, as well as our constant innovation in the development of packaging solutions that protect the cold chain of products sensitive to temperature changes, such as medicines, vaccines, APIs, blood products, diagnostic tests, clinical trials, biotechnology, samples, etc.

For a reliable cold chain with all the guarantees

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There are many sectors that require precise and constant temperature control for their products throughout the entire logistics process (pharmaceutical, biological, chemical industry or agro-food sectors, etc.) and most of them have extremely rigorous requirements in terms of temperature controlled supply chains, given the high added-value of their products.

When these products are destined for human consumption, these temperature control requirements become an unquestionable priority, both for distribution and in subsequent sales.

At Tempack we have worked in close and intense collaboration with these sectors for almost twenty years to guarantee that their heat-sensitive products reach their destination in the required temperature conditions, eliminating any risk of breaks in the cold chain.

A reliable cold chain with all the guarantees means better product quality control as well as a significant reduction in the associated costs.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Tempack's Mission consists in offering our customers tested and qualified solutions, well adjusted in terms of results and costs, for the transport, storage and/or distribution of heat-sensitive products.

Our Vision: to become a benchmark provider /global group in the isothermal and refrigeration (cold chain) packaging solutions sector, with a constant commitment to technological innovation, quality in all its aspects and the environmental policies.

Tempack's Values, among others, are:

  • Commitment to customers
    We work together with our customers to offer them solutions that cater perfectly for all their needs.

    Our customers' success is also our success.

  • Operational excellence
    At Tempack (Temperature Packaging Solutions) our professionals pride themselves on the excellence with which they carry out their work, surpassing the customer's expectations and establishing an atmosphere of collaboration between the different parties involved in the supply chain.

    The importance that Tempack places on Quality goes beyond the certifications it hold (ISO standards, among others), materialised in a policy of constant improvement in products, services and processes.

  • Flexibility and dynamism
    Integration of our traditions (solid relationship of trust with customers and suppliers) with the flexibility and dynamism necessary to adapt to the increasingly changeable markets.

  • Ethics and compliance with prevailing regulations
    Tempack is governed by general ethical principles and compliance with the prevailing regulations in each of the countries in which it operates.

  • Safety in the workplace and the environment
    Tempack reconciles its business activity with its implication in aspects related to corporate responsibility, such as environmental protection and safety in the workplace.
    At Tempack we are aware of the imperative need to protect the environment, which is why sustainable development constitutes one of the areas of action of our business strategy.
    In the design and development of our isothermal and refrigerated packaging we place special emphasis on ensuring that all the parties involved (from suppliers to distribution) incorporate policies for environmental protection in their activities.

  • The human factor as the key to success
    Convinced that the human factor is the key to success, at Tempack we ensure an optimum workplace for the personal and professional development of our employees and collaborators.

IMS Policy

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

TEMPACK defines its Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy as an integral part of the General Policy of TEMPACK and is therefore committed to apply, spread and ensure compliance of IMS Policy by all staff.

As a way to express its commitment to quality management and environmental management, the management system of TEMPACK is based on the standards:

To verify that all requirements in these regulations are met, an external Certification Authority reviews and certifies our IMG on a regular basis.聽

The Integrated System Policy of TEMPACK includes all the actions integrated into our IMS and is defined as follows:

  • Our commitment to continuously improve the integrated quality and environmental management system, as well as to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Being in constant contact with our customers to offer solutions customised to their needs while respecting the environment to the maximum.
  • Reaching long-term and/or exclusive agreements with our suppliers. Being pioneers in bringing new products to the market.
  • Comparing the solutions in our laboratory.
  • Meeting all legal requirements applicable to our activity, as well as those subscribed by the Organisation.

Download here the complete document "IMS Policy"

Tempack Offices

Tempack Offices

Tempack Worldwide

  • Spain:
    Av. Pau Casals 61
    L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

    08907 - Barcelona
    Tel. (+34) 93 366 10 25
    Fax. (+34) 93 366 10 28

  • Germany:
    Schubertstr. 13
    D-28209 Bremen

    Tel. +49 (0) 421 84 13 94 87
    Fax聽(+34) 93 366 10 28

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