Moving temperature-sensitive goods safely through the cold chain is an important – and sometimes critical – aspect of business for many industry sectors.

The knowledge, management and precision needed to guarantee constant temperature control in transit for pharmaceutical, biological, chemical or agro-food products, for example, cannot be overstated. Given the valuable nature of these goods (many of them are destined for human consumption), extremely rigorous demands are put on the transportation environments they experience through the entire logistics process. Preserving product integrity is an utmost priority, both in terms of distribution and subsequent sales.

To cater for the individual characteristics of different temperature-sensitive goods, Tempack works in close collaboration with customers to develop all manner of customised solutions. We also provide an extensive range of standardised options for use when appropriate. Variations in format and operational temperature ranges ensure transit autonomy and allow industry compliance and customer protocols to be comfortably met. This level of reliability throughout the cold chain offers better product quality control and a significant reduction in associated costs.

Distribution/Fulfilment Centres

Food distributors and fulfilment centres are incredibly important in the food supply chain. They are responsible for making sure that perishable, fresh, and frozen products remain at the proper temperature throughout the entire distribution process. This is crucial to maintaining the quality and safety of these products from the moment they are produced until they are consumed.
To achieve this, these centres use thermal packaging solutions and temperature monitoring systems to create a perfect temperature-controlled environment for each type of product and/or delivery. They need to ensure that everything from fresh fruits and veggies to other chilled and/or frozen products like meat or fish stay fresh and are transported and delivered in the required cold chain.

The use of passive thermal shippers contributes to waste reduction, product shelf life extension, and spoilage prevention.

Distribution and fulfilment centres are essential for order fulfilment, logistics, and inventory control. They can track product movement, guarantee on-time delivery, and reduce supply chain disruptions by utilizing effective and precise tracking systems.

All in all, distribution and fulfilment centres make sure that consumers have access to high-quality, secure, and sustainable food products. The food supply chain would be much less effective and wasteful without them.

Food Retail

Food retailers play a pivotal role in the last-mile delivery of fresh and frozen food products. Last-mile delivery refers to the final stage of the delivery process, which involves transporting goods from a distribution or fulfilment centre to the customer’s doorstep. At this stage, maintaining an unbroken cold chain is critical to ensure perishable products stay fresh and safe for consumption.

Food retailers, particularly those specializing in fresh and frozen goods, have developed sophisticated supply chain networks to ensure the delivery of these items with utmost confidence. Whether managing the delivery themselves or closely collaborating with logistics providers to coordinate the transportation of goods, retailers utilize various methods, such as isothermal and/or refrigerant packaging systems specifically designed to maintain the cold chain. Additionally, companies invest in advanced inventory management systems to monitor the temperature and condition of the products throughout the delivery process.

A consistent cold chain without temperature fluctuations is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of fresh and frozen food products. A breach in the cold chain can compromise the quality of the goods for human consumption, leading to a loss of product integrity and potentially severe consequences for consumer health. Moreover, it can also result in significant financial losses for the retailers themselves. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor and maintain the cold chain throughout all stages, ensuring the delivery of products in perfect condition to the end consumers and upholding the reputation of their business.


With roots embedded in the agro-food sector since our inception, Tempack has cultivated a product range for this industry that is second to none. Know-how accumulated over more than two decades has gone into a range of e-commerce food thermal packaging solutions which has been conceived and tested for every imaginable delivery and collection method.

Food safety during the distribution process is upheld by combining insulated shippers with high-performance cooling packs. This enables the correct conditions to be created for transit, store 2 door. The popularity of these solutions with online shops and marketplaces can also be attributed to the fact that we have pioneered eco-friendly solutions to specifically answer the needs of the e-commerce industry.


With temperature control packaging playing an ever-increasing part in operational logistics, the need to provide high-performance, reliable and compliant solutions for every transportation eventuality is greater than ever. Tempack has been answering this call.

We’re well versed in helping logistics companies and their 3PL counterparts manage and deliver the kind of superlative cold chain services that allows them to meet their customers’ expectations.

Freight forwarders and specialist couriers have access to a complete range of products that perform in frozen, chilled and ambient states, for shorter hops or longer haul deliveries. Despite the comprehensive make-up of our portfolio, we are adept at creating customised solutions to fit specific distribution models if preferred.

Life Sciences

The inherent properties in vaccines, clinical trials, biological samples and infectious or potentially infectious specimens add great complexity to the logistics processes for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contact research organisations (CROs). The abundant and rigorous nature of national and international regulations (ADR, IATA, OACI, IMDG, RID) only add to the challenges.

This is exactly why so many leading companies in the life sciences sector continue to place their trust in Tempack’s solutions. The renowned quality and depth of our standard and customised packaging systems, as well as our experience in this sector, offer great peace of mind. Not only do we guarantee the efficacy of clinical trials in transit, but we have the capability to continually optimise volume. By reducing the total weight of consignments to their minimum, we help our customers achieve significant savings in their transportation costs.

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