Single-Use Packaging

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Single-Use Packaging

Tempack has put great care — and no less innovation – into creating a single-use, temperature control product range that offers agro-food, chemical, logistics and life sciences companies a solution for their every conceivable shipping requirement.

Varying levels of thermal protection, durability, weight, size and capacity are available to suit the nature of your shipments. And eco-friendly packaging can be chosen to meet any corporate sustainability goals that you may have.

Each single-use product is validated and qualified, having been conceived to prevent the spoilage of perishable goods throughout the entirety of their transportation process.

Tempack has extensive experience in temperature control packaging for the food retail, food distribution and fulfilment centres, e-commerce, logistics, chemical and life sciences sectors. Know-how accumulated over two decades has allowed us to produce high-performance, yet cost-effective solutions tailored to shipping your products safely through the cold chain. Our knowledge is at your disposal and will ensure your customers receive their goods in perfect, usable condition.


PET Thermpack
Ecologically and economically friendly

PET Thermpack is another innovative product in our single-use range that puts sustainability at the top of the agenda. This isothermal shipper is made from 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (or PET). The substance is prized for its durability and thermo-stability — PET Thermpack will keep chilled temperatures constant for up to 48 hours, without the excessive use of refrigerant packs. Its lightweight composition means there are also cost savings to be had on shipping.



Recycled cotton inlays are the focal point of this sustainable, single-use shipper. They offer superb insulation for a host of temperature-sensitive goods. Together with its cardboard exterior, the Greenin SU package is 100% curbside-recyclable. This isothermal shipper is qualified to maintain chilled or frozen temperature ranges for up to 48 hours. Yet not only is it an affordable solution, it is collapsible and saves on storage space and shipping costs.


Minimises weight, maximises performance

This high-performance temperature control shipper is often heralded for
its outstanding thermal protection, despite its lack of mass; historically it has been the “jewel” in our single-use isothermal boxes range. Lipbox guarantees cold chain autonomy while greatly reducing total packaging volume, a fact that is never lost on clients. A whole gamut of temperature-sensitive products can be shipped at chilled or ambient temperatures in conventional transport environments for up to 48 hours.

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