Cold chain packaging solutions

Tempack, by CSafe, is a leading global provider in the isothermal and refrigerated packaging sector. Our primary activity focuses on the manufacture, development and qualification of packaging solutions for transporting and distributing essential, temperature-sensitive goods, with a special focus on food products, which require a cold chain delivery.

Experts in passive temperature controlled packaging

The levels of innovation employed in our packing solutions guarantee an unbroken cold chain for perishable, fresh, and frozen products, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and seafood, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical products throughout their transit. To accommodate such diversity, our own product range is highly extensive.

With a commitment to rigorous testing and qualification, we tailor solutions to perform in the kind of demanding environments to which our customers’ stock is often exposed. Despite an exemplary track record with results, you’ll still find us well-adjusted in terms of costs.


Personalised service


Customised to individual requirements

Variable sizes and configurations


Industry-specific qualification services

Transport-specific design capabilities

In-house and external training


Specialised technical support

Problem evaluation and analysis

Customized packaging solutions for the transport and delivery of chilled and frozen food products

We design and produce fully-customised solutions to comply with the most rigorous requirements and specifications of products that are sensitive to temperature change. To ensure optimal performance, these solutions are tested and qualified, taking into account the logistical economics that packages will face during transportation under temperature-controlled conditions.

Physical features such as volume and weight will be assessed in context with the logistics circuit characteristics selected by our customers. Typically these would include mode of transport, duration and expected temperature exposures based on the climatic conditions of the shipping regions involved.

We then take a modular approach to stock management. This reduces the component variables – and ultimately the costs – related to logistics and distribution.


Focusing on the development of sustainable, insulated solutions, we implement processes that reduce our ecological footprint.

Find out more about our Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy, and our product recycling instructions below:

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