Insulated Containers
for Delivery Vehicles

Cold Storage Solutions
for vans and other vehicles

Tempack’s isothermal containers range is our response to market’s demand to provide economical, reusable, lightweight and robust cold chain solutions for home food deliveries. With our reusable passive cooling systems any conventional vehicle can be quickly transformed into a multi-chamber refrigerated/ frozen vehicle.

Maintaining the cold chain is crucial when it comes to transporting perishable food products. Temperature fluctuations can cause spoilage, quality loss, and even bacterial growth, which can lead to foodborne illnesses.

This is particularly important in case of transporting of frozen products, where even a slight increase in temperature can cause thawing and product’s degradation. Therefore, our containers have been designed to ensure unbroken cold chain throughout the entire shipping process, even up to 48h.

The key to maintaining the cold chain during transportation is combing proper isolation with high-performance coolants. Our containers are made of robust and durable PU panels, which can easily withstand rough handling and environmental factors such as humidity and temperature changes.

Our last-mile, passive cold chain solutions are extremely light compared to actively-cooled vehicles or rotational moulding-insulated containers, which means lower fuel-consumption or longer battery life in case of electrical vehicles. Tempack’s isothermal containers can be adapted for all cargo vans, electric, hybrid and conventional delivery vehicles.

By implementing Tempack’s thermal packaging solutions you not only ensure that your customers receive fresh and safe food products but also promote sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of food transportation. Our eco-friendly, smart city solutions are allowed into Zero CO2 emission zones.

Ultimately, our thermal containers for food delivery vehicles are a cost-effective alternative to maintain the cold chain of perishable fresh and frozen food products during transportation. The use of passive packaging offers significant benefits, as transforming delivery vans into bi-temperature vehicles. Our modular systems enable the transport of temperature-sensitive products without active cooling and can be adapted to any existing vehicle fleet. This increases efficiency, reduces transport costs and on top of that minimizes the environmental footprint.

Where protection meets portability

The durable, low-density CarryTemp® shipper makes light work of home deliveries. Operating at ambient, chilled or frozen temperatures, this reusable, isothermal container will maintain a stable cold chain for all manner of perishable goods for the specified duration of their transit. CarryTemp® utilises a high-density polyurethane (PUR) container for unbeatable insulation power. And its ecological, passive cooling elements protect a shipment’s integrity while decreasing CO2 emissions and greatly reducing transport costs.

Transforming Vehicles
Cold chain packaging for urban mobility

Our Transforming Vehicles range is ideal for all type of cargo vans, bicycles, hybrid and conventional delivery vehicles. All conventional vehicles can be easily transformed into refrigerated/ frozen vehicles, as our containers can be customized for existing fleets. We offer excellent cooling performance and a 24-hour unbroken cold chain guarantee, even in midsummer. The Transforming Vehicles solutions are allowed into zero CO2 emission zones and are much more cost-effective than actively cooled vehicles. The containers are extremely light and yet durable. ATP certification is available upon request.

What makes Tempack’s insulated containers unique for transporting refrigerated or frozen products?

Our containers are designed to provide robust, lightweight, reusable cold chain solutions that transform any conventional vehicle into a multi-chamber refrigerated or frozen vehicle, maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain for up to 48 hours.

What method can I use to monitor temperature during delivery?

To monitor and verify temperature during delivery in our containers for delivery vehicles, consider using single-use or reusable temperature data loggers. Single-use loggers are budget-friendly and simple to use, while reusable loggers are perfect for frequent deliveries, providing multiple uses and cost efficiency. Both types offer reliable temperature monitoring to ensure your goods are transported at the correct temperature.

Additionally, reusable loggers come with GPS options for enhanced traceability and data management capabilities, providing comprehensive insights throughout the delivery process.

How do Tempack containers ensure the maintenance of the cold chain?

We combine high-quality insulation with high-performance coolants. Our containers are made from durable and sturdy PU panels that protect against temperature fluctuations, thus ensuring product integrity during transport.

Are Tempack containers suitable for any type of vehicle?

Yes, our isothermal containers can be adapted for cargo vans, electric, hybrid, and conventional vehicles, or delivery bikes, allowing an easy transformation of these into bi-temperature vehicles without the need for active refrigeration.

What are the environmental benefits of using Tempack containers?

We promote sustainability and the reduction of the environmental impact of food transportation through eco-friendly solutions that allow access to zero CO2 emission zones and significantly decrease transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

How do Tempack containers contribute to efficiency and cost reduction in food transportation?

Our passive packaging solutions transform delivery vehicles into bi-temperature vehicles without active cooling, increasing efficiency, reducing transportation costs, and minimizing environmental footprint.

How can Tempack containers be adapted to existing fleets?

Our modular systems and lightweight containers can be customized and easily adapted to any existing vehicle fleet, allowing for simple integration without the need for vehicles with active cooling.

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