Reusable Packaging

An introduction to
Reusable Packaging

In an age where sustainability features ever more prominently as a key corporate objective, the Tempack range of reusable temperature control shippers, bags and covers plays a pivotal part in our portfolio.

A variety of isothermal kits account for the complex logistical challenges that perishable goods face with temperatures, timescales, volumes, handling and mechanical stress; there is a Tempack solution that will preserve the efficacy of your shipment for its entire duration.

Every re-usable, temperature control solution comes performance-tested and fully qualified, and will guarantee the integrity of healthcare-specific shipments containing biologics or pharmaceuticals, as well as fresh, frozen or ready-made foods, chemicals, flowers or plants.

Aside from the exemplary performance levels of Tempack re-usable solutions, there are affordable, eco-friendly, curbside-recyclable options available to support any sustainability preferences. Our R&D team have also made every effort to ensure each kit is easy to assemble, pack, store, and maintain.


Where protection meets portability

The durable, low-density CarryTemp shipper makes light work of home deliveries. Operating at ambient, chilled or frozen temperatures, this reusable, isothermal container will maintain a stable cold chain for all manner of perishable goods for the specified duration of their transit. CarryTemp utilises a high-density polyurethane (PUR) container for unbeatable insulation power. And its ecological, passive cooling elements protect a shipment’s integrity while decreasing CO2 emissions and greatly reducing transport costs.


DSX Diagnosach 
Extensive biological preservation

Reusable and with a good life expectancy, the Diagnosach DSX medical transportation kit is a lightweight, isothermal shipping container that has been specifically designed to overcome the difficulties of shipping biological samples under controlled temperature conditions. It also lends itself to the shipment of pharmaceuticals and chemical goods. The Diagnosach DSX medical cooler combines a quilted, waterproof overpack with a substantial, isothermal, internal container to protect goods at chilled, ambient and frozen levels for up to 4 days.


Patient Bags and Covers
Door-to-door stability

Pharmaceutical products, insulin, blood and vaccines will all make it home safely using Tempack temperature-controlled patient bags and covers. Lightweight and highly-portable, they will perform in different temperature ranges and a unique, triple-layer, high-density composition guarantees transportation autonomy for up to 12 hours. This depth of functionality has made these insulated bags useful for all kinds of temperature-sensitive goods. The materials used in Tempack cooler bags and covers mean they are easy to clean and sterilise.


Greenin RU
Finding performance in fibre

Upcycled, foldable cotton inlays are at the heart of this reusable temperature control shipper. This bio-sustainable natural material forms incredibly efficient insulation layers — they offer qualified 24-hour thermal protection. The inlays are 30 mm thick, which gives the Greenin RU temperature control shipper exceptional cushioning. What’s more, the inlays are 100% curbside-recyclable.

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