Reusable cold chain packaging

Easy reusable, temperature-controlled
packaging for fresh products

In an age where sustainability features ever more prominently as a key corporate objective, the Tempack range of reusable temperature control shippers, bags and covers plays a pivotal part in our portfolio.

A variety of isothermal kits account for the complex logistical challenges that perishable goods face with temperatures, timescales, volumes, handling and mechanical stress; there is a Tempack solution that will preserve the efficacy of your shipment for its entire duration.

Every re-usable, temperature control solution comes performance-tested and fully qualified, and will guarantee the integrity of fresh, frozen or ready-made foods, chemicals, flowers or plants, as well as healthcare-specific shipments containing biologics or pharmaceuticals.

Aside from the exemplary performance levels of Tempack re-usable solutions, there are affordable, eco-friendly, curbside-recyclable options available to support any sustainability preferences. Our R&D team have also made every effort to ensure each kit is easy to assemble, pack, store, and maintain.


IsoBox 2Door
The dedicated solution for food distribution and fulfillment centres

Food consignors will be hard-pressed to look past the IsoBox 2Door as their go-to shipper. Designed for flexibility, it can be conceived to protect any temperature-sensitive food shipment at anywhere between -20ºC and +25ºC. This food transportation solution trumps expanded polypropylene (EPP) shippers by offering powerful thermal performance along with some innovative and essential operational and financial economies. Its lightweight nature, simple operability and affordability make great functional and business sense.


CarryTemp® Bag
The perfect choice for last mile deliveries (Patented)

Tempack CTB 36 is a reusable bag formulated specially for home delivery services. It is equally effective for both chilled and frozen products.

As a result of its outstanding thermal performance, usability and excellent value for money, our CarryTemp® Bag has frequently been chosen by leading e-commerce companies.


Pallet Shippers
Protection for Long Haul

Think big. Think bulk. Tempack PU reusable pallet shippers are designed to safeguard the integrity of large, temperature-sensitive product shipments at all temperature ranges, in all modes of transport, for great distances. These isothermal shippers shield against the harshest and most diverse weather conditions. And being pallet-based, they are elevated safely from ground level. They are also highly cost-effective in comparison to multiple parcel shippers. Lightweight by design, Tempack temperature control reusable pallet shippers are incredibly user-friendly to condition and assemble. They are available globally and come in many workable sizes.

What types of products are Tempack reusable packaging solutions suitable for?

Tempack’s reusable packaging is suitable for a wide range of temperature-sensitive products, including fresh and frozen foods, chemicals, flowers, plants, biologics, and pharmaceuticals. Each product type can benefit from Tempack’s temperature-controlled environments.

How are Tempack’s reusable solutions environmentally friendly?

Our reusable packaging solutions are designed to be eco-friendly, incorporating materials that are recyclable and reusable. They promote sustainability by reducing waste associated with single-use packaging and by being curbside-recyclable, supporting easy recycling processes.

What temperature ranges can our reusable packaging accommodate?

It can maintain a variety of temperature ranges, typically from as low as -20ºC to as high as +25ºC, ensuring that they can accommodate both chilled and frozen shipments effectively.

How long can our reusable packaging maintain the required temperature?

While the exact duration can vary based on the specific product and external conditions, Tempack reusable packaging is designed to maintain required temperatures effectively for the entire duration of shipping, which can include extended periods for long-haul transportation.

What are the financial benefits of using Tempack’s reusable packaging?

Tempack’s reusable packaging is cost-effective compared to single-use options. It reduces the need for frequent repurchases and decreases waste disposal costs. Additionally, their durability and insulation performance can help save on cooling costs during transport.

Can Tempack packaging be customized for specific logistical needs?

Yes, Tempack offers customizable packaging options that can be tailored to specific sizes, shapes, and temperature requirements, ensuring that various logistical needs and shipping specifications are met.

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