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Place samples inside, close up and send with absolute reliability. P650.

Diagnobag is a reliable and inviolable single-use high-density polyethylene hermetic bag for sending biological or infectious samples.

Depending on the application, it can be used in combination with P650 and P620 instruction packaging for products at environmental, refrigerated or frozen temperatures.

Total reliability

Secondary packaging for preparation of interior containers for infectious substances or diagnostic samples.

Optionally, the Diagnobag can be supplied with interior absorbent material and/or exterior isothermal packaging.

Easy to use

Thanks to its design, this packaging can be small, whilst at the same time resistant as well as simple and easy to handle.

It requires minimal storage space and combined with the ATP 650 boxes it constitutes an economic system for sending biological samples under controlled temperature conditions, in full compliance with prevailing regulations.

A4 鈥 A5
up to 96 hours
-21掳小 +2掳小~+8掳小 +22掳小 +37掳小
MEAS. (mm)
Samples Bag
MIN. CONSUM (unit)
P650 DBAG A4E yes 400x240 310x230 250
P650 DBAG A5E yes 240x170 160x160 1.000

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