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ATP650 Isothermal Box

Collapsible isothermal packaging for transporting biological samples.
ATP650 Isothermal Box

ATP 650 is P650 isothermal packaging for transporting UN 3373 standard biological substances at controlled temperatures (refrigerated, +15潞 C, +22潞 C) pursuant to the ADR, RID, IMDG and IATA P650 packaging regulations, in combination (optional) with the corresponding secondary packaging.

Standard and customised solutions

We supply our ATP650 isothermal box both in standard measurements and, optionally, customised to suit customers' requirements.

The standard versions are printed with the texts required under the ADR, RID, IMDG and IATA P650 packaging regulations.

Excellent price/quality ratio for a triple system

The ATP 650 isothermal packaging for biological samples can be transported and stored collapsed, with the consequent saving in transport, storage, handling costs, etc.

The P650 isothermal box, combined with the hermetic Diagnobag, completes to perfection an extremely economic basic triple system for sending biological samples.

2,5 liters and 4 liters
up to 24 hours
+2 掳小~+8掳小 +22掳小, +37掳小
FXPS 2,5 P650 150x120x142 4 2,5 F210 250
FXPS 4 P650聽 187x116x185 4 4 F215 250

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