Biological Packaging

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Biological Packaging

Many of the breakthroughs that we often witness in the life sciences sector have been precursors to the changing face of cold chain logistics. Vaccines and insulin products, the rise of biologic-based therapies, as well as the demand for more speciality pharmaceuticals have all encouraged biological temperature control packaging development; combating disease at the cellular level continues to move us forward.

Guaranteeing the integrity in transit of temperature-sensitive products composed of sugars, proteins, nucleic acids, or live entities such as cells and tissues is a zero-tolerance business. Tempack has a range of isothermal biological packaging that has been conceived, designed, manufactured and rigorously tested for precisely this purpose.

Depending on your specific requirements, full kits or separate components can be utilised that will honour regulatory compliance for Biological Substances, Categories A and B. In packaging terms, this equates to UN2814 and UN2900 regulations for infectious or potentially infectious samples (embedded in P620 packaging guidelines) and UN3373 regulations for diagnostic substances (in the P650 guidelines).

Effective and protective, Tempack’s packaging components combine to safeguard shipments from the moment they leave the manufacturing site or laboratory to their final medical outpost. The key objective: the well-being of the patient.

Tempack isothermal biological packaging solution also meticulously adheres to the different prevailing international transport regulations: IATA (air transport), IMDG (maritime shipping), RID (rail transport) and ADR (road transport).

P650 Termovial
Reliable, reusable transport for vials at controlled temperatures

The P650 Termovial isothermal bio-container for test tubes and vials will protect the integrity of diagnostic samples for the full duration of their journey. Exterior packaging works with these sturdy, reusable vessels to safeguard products in transit at refrigerated or frozen levels, for up to 96 hours. Each diagnostic sample container is hermetically sealed, non-toxic and conforms with layers of UN and transport regulatory policy.

P650 Diagnobag
The strong, single-use sachet for sending biological samples

Performing the secondary packaging function in the mandatory P650 packaging guidelines, Tempack Diagnobag is an inviolable, single-use, high-density hermetic bag for sending biological or infectious samples. The lightweight sachet has been designed for handling ease, yet it has great tensile strength, resistance and durability. The P650 Diagnobag can be used in combination with exterior isothermal packaging to make an effective yet economic system for sending biological samples under any temperature-controlled conditions.

ATP 650 Insulated Box
Collapsible thermal protection for Category B substances

The ATP 650 is high-performance, exterior, temperature control packaging for biological and potentially hazardous substances. UN 3373-certified, this strong, rigid, insulated, water-resistant system will regulate its temperature-sensitive contents, keeping them at either refrigerated or ambient temperatures, according to requirements. The Tempack ATP Insulated Box is an isothermal packaging solution for biological samples with a collapsible function that reduces storage and transport costs. It is designed to work with corresponding secondary packaging.

P620 Biobox
The complete Category A transportation solution

Tempack Biobox is a fully-assembled, complete kit for the transportation of infectious or potentially infectious biological samples (UN2814 and UN2900). Featuring all the external and internal components required for the transportation of substances under P620 category A regulations, this protective, micro-corrugated outer box will protect its secondary and primary containers through transit. Tempack thermal Biobox for biological samples will comfortably preserve the integrity of its temperature-sensitive contents at ambient levels.

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