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Customised solutions

Customised solutions


To design fully customised solutions that comply with the most rigorous requirements and specifications of temperature sensitive products (sensitive to temperature change), taking into account both the results and logistical economics.

We design, test and qualify - Tempack Labmet:

  • Solutions for transport under temperature controlled conditions based on the physical features (volume, weight, etc.) and the intrinsic properties of the temperature-sensitive product.
  • Solutions for transporting heat-sensitive products based on the characteristics of the logistics circuit selected by our customers (type of transport, duration, exposure temperatures, climate regions, etc.).
  • Solutions with maximum versatility for more efficient managementof customers' stocks, reducing to a great extent the number of component variables (modularity), the spatial requirements for physical storage and, in general, all the costs related to the logistics and distribution of the product.
    • Rapid response capacity.
    • Reduction in stock variables due to common components.
    • Component reuse / modularity for different temperature profiles.

Case Studies Sectors

Metrological Laboratory



To guarantee product integrity throughout the
entire transit process and delivery to the end-customer.

Tempack has a metrological聽laboratory- Tempack LabMet-, ISO 9001 certified, equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the most rigorous compliance of our cold chain packaging solutions with our customers' profiles, as well as with the sector's standards (ISTA, IATA, UN, WHO, AFNOR).

We have an area of over 325 sq. m. in which our climate personnel carry out more than 500 tests a year, encompassing capacities from 0.1 litres to 2,500 litres and temperatures that range from -25鈦 C to +60鈦 C.

The entire packaging design, simulation and testing processes, as well as qualification as regards the packaging's autonomy throughout the entire cold chain logistics circuit, are carried out at Tempack Labmet, always in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Following a systemised and rigorous process, Tempack LabMet provides customers with a detailed technical report regarding the materials used, the tests carried out, the results obtained, the ideal solution, the instructions for preparation prior to assembly, explosion graphs, etc.

Qualification Process

Qualification Process

Aware of the rigorous demands of our customers, at Tempack we carry out exhaustive and systemised qualification processes and protocols, via which we guarantee the excellence of thermal solution and of its operation.

  • *Continuous feedback between Tempack and the costumer throughout 聽the qualification process: advice, training, development and / or product enhancements, etc.

Stage 1: Analysis of customer's needs

Compilation stage of all the variables relating to:

  • Product to be transported: volume, weight, required temperature
  • Transport, storage and distribution: type and duration of transport, different temperature scenarios throughout all the transit, etc.
  • Environmental temperature profiles.
  • Primary packaging type.

Stage 2: Analysis of the ideal solution and pre-qualification

Depending on the data provided beforehand, Tempack LabMet develops the solution that best meets all the customer's product and cost expectations.
Following design and manufacture of the prototype, we carry out its pre-qualification in our climate chambers. The preliminary qualification guarantees, to a great extent, the success of the final qualification of the solution.

Stage 3: Qualification of the final thermal solution

A detailed technical report is drawn up based on the results of stages 1 and 2 (Qualification Report), which includes detailed information on the entire process carried out up to this point
This qualification will be signed by Tempack and the customer.

The data contained in the qualification's technical report for the thermal solution are:

  • Conditions during testing.
  • Detailed data analysis and graphs.
  • 3D, illustrations and diagrams for solution assembly.
  • Possible deviations and recommendations.
  • Descriptive summary of the results.
  • Calibration certificates for the equipment used.

Constant feedback

  • Advice
  • Training
  • Product development, etc.

Other Services

Other Services

Backup Stock

At Tempack we have a backup stock to guarantee the delivery of products in the event of any possible stock depletion due to unforeseeable variations in demand.

Our productive capacity enables us to react quickly in the event of any demand peaks.

In-house training

Knowledge of the specificities of the cold chain is essential in order to guarantee product delivery in perfect conditions.

Heat-sensitive products that are not appropriately treated during transit (packaging, storage and distribution) can spoil, with all the consequent costs, or become toxic.

At Tempack our sales team, with the aid of the R&D department, will provide training and advice at any time to ensure that the use of our packaging solutions throughout the entire logistics circuit guarantees perfect maintenance of the temperature required for the heat-sensitive products.

Tempack offers training courses for storage personnel, both at its own facilities or those of the customer.

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