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Soluciones e-commerce

E-commerce Solutions

Aware of the increase and diversification of demand in many sectors as regards sending products under controlled temperatures, whether chilled or frozen, Tempack offers an extensive portfolio of isothermal and refrigeration products.

Our comprehensive offer goes from standardised products and solutions to the design and manufacture of customised thermal solutions that cater fully for customers' needs.

Tempack has extensive experience in sectors such as the 聽agro-food industry, placing at their disposal all the know-how accumulated over almost two decades to ensure their heat-sensitive products are transported and received with the required temperature conditions.

Within the agro-food sector, Tempack is expert in providing isothermal solutions for perishable products.

Our solutions are comprised of isothermal boxes combined with cold packs adapted to the measurements and qualification tests that ensure that the transport conditions are always those required by our customers for their high quality products, as well as to guarantee food safety.

Our solutions are currently being successfully used by leading firms that market perishable food via the Internet (online shops or e-commerce) and other companies that send food directly to consumers.

  • Product type
    • 路 Delicatessen (truffles, caviar, foie, etc.)
    • 路聽Chocolates
    • 路聽Dairy products
    • 路聽Meat
    • 路聽Seafood and fish products
    • 路聽Ice-creams and frozen foods
    • 路聽Other food products.
  • Temperature
    • 路聽+2潞C a +8潞C
    • 路聽+0潞C a +8潞C
    • 路聽-21潞C a -18潞C
    • 路聽-21潞C a 0潞C
    • 路聽+10潞C a + 20陋C, etc
  • Volume
    • 路聽0,1l ~ 1000l
  • Transport time
    • 路聽1h ~ <=120h
  • Transport type
    • 路聽Domestic (24-36h)
    • 路聽European (48-72h)
    • 路聽Inter-continental (72-96h)
  • Profiles
    • 路聽Standard or special weather conditions
  • Packaging type
    • 路聽Single-use
    • 路聽Reusable


  • Wide range of solutions available.
  • Operation with 100% guarantee.
  • Top range isothermal packaging.
  • Possibility of manufacture using recycled insulation material (XPS).
  • Very attractive design with aluminium finish (optional).
  • Reduction of up to 80% in storage space.
  • Reduction in dimensional weight (50% reduction of transport costs).
  • Possibility of personalised printing.
  • Qualified solutions available.
  • Possibility of creation of customised solutions.
  • Possibility of individualised qualification tests.
  • Easy handling.

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