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Sample transport

Sample transport

Given its peculiarities, transporting samples requires procedures and controls that guarantee the reliability and/or the prevention of any risk of contamination for all the parties (emitter centre, carrier, warehouse, reception laboratory and the general public) that intervene in the logistics circuit, in compliance with the national or international regulations.

Sample transport encompasses:

  • Biological samples, such as stem cells, bone medulla, tissues, corneas, etc.
  • Infectious substances affecting humans and animals (UN 2814 and UN 2900). Category A goods: substances, exposure to which could cause permanent disability or life-threatening disease in humans or animals.
  • Diagnostic samples (UN 3373). Category B goods that do not meet the Category A requirements. Diagnostic specimens that pose a low risk for public health and which are produced during medical practice or research and diagnosis.

Apart from the safety guarantees, at Tempack we ensure, under the supervision of our safety director (ADR, RID, IATA and IMDG regulations) the integrity of the sample during transit so that it reaches its destination with all its original properties intact.

The premises we apply at Tempack are:

  • Absolute control of the specific temperature conditions for each specimen / sample.
  • Prevention of any possible leak of the substance under normal transport circumstances (packaging, hermetic and opaque containers, absorbents, etc.), guaranteeing reception of the sample in perfect conditions.
  • Appropriate identification / labelling and documentation.
  • Customer advice and training.

All our products and solutions comply with all the requirements of the different ADR, IATA, OACI, IMDG and RID regulations for transport of Class 6.2. substances.

  • Product types
    • 路 Stem cells, bone medulla, corneas, umbilical cord, tissues, blood, saliva, semen, urine.
    • 路聽Category A infectious substances, infectious pathogens, viruses, bacteria.
    • 路聽Category B biological substances (cryoglobulins, antibodies, PCRs, etc.).
    • 路聽Biosafety packaging for pathogen cultures.
  • Temperature
    • 路聽-21潞C
    • 路聽+2潞C to +8潞C
    • 路聽+10潞C to +30潞C
    • 路聽+25潞C
  • Volume
    • 路聽0,1l ~ 125l
  • Transport time
    • 路聽1h ~ <=120h
  • Transport type
    • 路聽Domestic (24-36h)
    • 路聽European (48-72h)
    • 路聽Inter-continental (72-96h)
  • Profiles
    • 路聽Standard or special weather conditions
  • Packaging type
    • 路聽Single-use
    • 路聽Reusable


  • Complete solutions comprising insulated packaging, refrigeration components, qualification tests and documentation.
  • Development of customised solutions.
  • Wide range of standardised solutions available.
  • Easily handling.
  • Specialised technical support.
  • Identification of the exact requirements.
  • Individualised qualifications tests.
  • Preparation manual and qualification documentation.
  • Wide range of UN CERTIFIED solutions for transporting biological substances within the temperature spectrums of + 2掳 C to +8掳 C, - 21掳 C, +25掳 C, etc.
  • Economic systems in collapsible or ready-to-use modalities (depending on product type).
  • Training and guidance based on customers' needs by our HS transport specialists.
  • Possibility of system rating based on specific needs (-21掳 C, +5掳 C, +20掳 C, +37掳 C).

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