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Collapsible (Lipbox)

Collapsible isothermal box. Available in any format.
Collapsible (Lipbox)

The isothermal Lipbox is an extruded-polystyrene insulated isothermal packaging, up to 5 mm thick, coated with a thin film of aluminium.

Lipbox is designed to transport any product at controlled temperatures.

Less thickness, greater insulation

Due to its reduced thermal conductivity, the isothermal Lipbox provides great insulation with a thickness of only 5 mm.

Lipbox guarantees the autonomy of the cold chain with an extremely reduced total volume of packaging.

Reduction of 80% in warehouse space requirements

The insulated isothermal Lipboxes are collapsible and can be stored folded and stacked, with a consequent saving of more than 80% in storage space.

Likewise, thanks to their easy assembly, they also enable considerable savings in handling costs and time.

1 - 120 liters
36 hours
+2掳小~+8掳小 +15掳小~+25掳小


FXPS 3-02 205x118x110 4 2,70 204 250
FXPS 12-01 300x200x200 4,5 12 204 240
FXPS 18-01 320x235x240 4,5 18 201 220
FXPS 30-01 400x300x250 4,5 30 204 125
FXPS 54-01 420x315x410 4 54 204 96

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