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Tempack is now part of the Softbox Systems group!

Tempack &  Softbox

Tempack is pleased to announce that it has recently been acquired by the Softbox Systems group, a leading global innovator and provider of cold chain packaging.

With Tempack now part of the group, Softbox Systems has set its sights on expanding its presence and service in Europe and in Latin America. 聽

Softbox Systems鈥 solutions combined with Tempack鈥檚 passive packaging products both for transporting packaging and also for bulk shipping, will enable the Group to broaden its products portfolio and provide greater geographical coverage to its clients all over the world.

Wayne Langlois, President of Softbox Systems, commented: "I am extremely proud to welcome Tempack as our partner within the Softbox family. The combination of our talent, our capacity, our valuable clients鈥 relationships, our geographic coverage, our innovation culture and the synergy of both of our growth strategies will make us even more capable of providing the solutions our clients value and our employees enjoy producing.

About Softbox Systems

Softbox Systems is a company which has won awards for its great innovation capacity in the temperature control packaging industry. It has a track record of over 20 years designing high performance passive systems for cold chain maintenance of pharmaceutical products.
Softbox Systems has manufacturing plants in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
In 2014, Great Point Partners, a leading health investment company, recapitalised Softbox Systems to boost its expansion strategy, innovation and global investment.

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