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Termobiobox P620

Approved transport of infectious samples at controlled temperatures.
Termobiobox P620
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The P620 Termobiobox is specifically designed for packaging and transporting Class 6.2 biological samples (UN2814 and UN2900 infectious or potentially infectious) at refrigerated or frozen temperatures.

The P620 Termobiobox is a UN approved product, in accordance with P620 instruction on packaging and the different prevailing international transport regulations: IATA (air transport), IMDG (maritime shipping), RID (rail transport) and ADR (road transport).

The P620 Termobiobox is supplied assembled and ready for immediate use

UN approved isothermal packaging

Packaging with maximum guarantees for infection samples at controlled temperatures (positive or negative).

With the Termobiobox P620, biological and infectious samples can be transported with the safety and integrity conditions required by the products and protocols, always in compliance with prevailing regulations.

P620 Regulation

The P620 Termobiobox complies with the prevailing regulations and the P620 packaging instruction.

The P620 Biobox is a UN approved product for air, land or maritime transport of Category A infectious goods.

4 liters
6 liters
12 liters
24 - 96 hours
MEAS. (mm)
P620 TBB4 335x295x390 145x125 4 40 5 u.
P620 TBB6 343x343x570 170x230 6 21 3 u.
P620 TBB12 343x343x730 295x230 12,7 15 1 u.

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