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XPS (Lipcontainer)

Long distance transport (up to 4 days) at controlled temperatures.
XPS (Lipcontainer)

The isothermal Lipcontainer is an extruded-polystyrene insulated isothermal packaging, coated with a thin film of aluminium.

The thickness of the isothermal container can be between 3 cm and 6 cm to ensure reliable international transport of refrigerated and frozen products.

High isothermal potential

This product's greater thickness and highly effective insulation make it possible to transport either refrigerated or frozen products at the required temperature.

The isothermal container offers more than 4 days' autonomy, thus enabling long-distance or international shipping with fewer risks derived from any possible incidents or delays during transit.

Standard or customised measurements

The insulated isothermal container is available in thicknesses of 3 cm to 6 cm, thus offering great flexibility to adapt their sizes and useful interior volume, depending on requirements of each product, the customer and the type of consignment.

The isothermal Lipcontainers can also be manufactured in customised sizes in small quantities.

1 - 100 liters
120 hours
-20掳小 +2掳小~+8掳小 +15掳小~+25掳小 +37掳小
CIXPS 7P 384x274x238 291x181x143 40 7,5 1
CIXPS 13P 391x291x363 291x181x253 40 13,3 1
CIXPS 29P 463x394x358 371x301x263 40 29,4 1
CIXPS 74P 575x487x522 477x377x414 40 74,4 1
CIXPS 96P 698x499x510 600x400x400 40 96 1
CIXPS 5N 312x279x314 177x145x180 60 4,6 1
CIXPS 21N 504x430x324 370x295x190 60 20,8 1
CIXPS 29N 504x430x399 371x295x265 60 29 1
CIXPS 40N 504x495x435 371x360x300 60 40 1

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