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PVC Overseas Container

Ultra-resistant and reusable. Ideal for long-distance shipping.
PVC Overseas Container
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PVC Overseas is a reusable refrigerated container made of ultra-resistant PVC in accordance with the ATA-300 Category 1 regulation.

The interior configuration is calculated depending on the material to be transported and its temperature requirements.

Also optionally available in fireproof version.

Resistant and lightweight

The materials used guarantee high levels of mechanical resistance as well as great durability, protection and reliability.

Ideal for long distances or frequent loading/unloading and capillary distribution.

Suitable for use as overpack for hazardous goods.


These containers can be customised in terms of size, format, finish and other requirements of the cold chain.

They can be designed for sending products over long distances at environmental temperature or at controlled temperatures together with cold packs, guaranteeing that the required temperature is maintained at all times throughout long transits.

1 - 1000 liters
up to 120 hours
-21掳小 +2掳小~+8掳小 +15掳小~+25掳 +22掳小 +37掳小

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