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Validated system specially conceived for Home Delivery, under ATP certification

The lightest and most robust system for Home Delivery Transportations.

The reusable system Carrytemp has been specifically designed for Home Deliveries at uncontrolled temperature conditions for perfect cold chains whether chilled or frozen (under ATP certification*).

Carrytemp has been particularly manufactured to support intense transit conditions and the mechanical stresses incurred during transport and handling.

The used materials provide a long useful life and enable easy maintenance.

鈥ts integrated PU container (60mm thickness) provides a great insulation power.

鈥ts waterproof inner bag can be removed for a perfect cleaning.

Additionally, Carrytemp modular construction makes it easy to replace any deteriorated parts.

Carrytemp includes compartments for documents, cold pack holders, reinforced carrying handles and trolley fastening straps to facilitate transport and handling.

1 - 332 liters
-21潞C +2潞C~+8潞C Warm food
Ref.Ext. dim.
cover (mm)
Int. dim.
container (mm)
Int. Vol. (L)Weight
CT 129N 820X680X490 680x540x350 129 10,9 1 u.
CT 220N 820X680X730 680x540x600 220 14,5 1 u.
CT 322N 1140x680x730 995x540x600 322 17,8 1 u.

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