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Pharma 36-48h 路 AFNOR

Tested solutions Tempack Pharma 36-48h AFNOR have been developed for the distribution by terrestrial transport of pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to temperature changes.
Pre-qualified solutions Tempack Pharma 36-48h AFNOR provide hold on times between 36-48 hours, temperature ranges between 2-8掳C and useful volumes up to 37 litres.
  • Type of product: Pharmaceuticals
  • Hold on time: 36 - 48h
  • Temperature range: 2 - 8掳C 路 AFNOR ST-48b
  • Payload: 1-37l
  • Type of transport: National 路 Road transport
  • Packaging: EPS 路 Single use
Pharma 36-48h 路 AFNOR

Range of Solutions Pharma 36-48h 路 AFNOR

ReferenceExternal dim. (mm)External Volume (l)Thickness (mm)Payload (l)*Weight (kg)Profile
SGTSE +2-8C_1L 250x250x255 16 40 1,17 2,3 AFNOR ST-48-b
SGTSE +2-8C_11L 420x375x290 46 40 10,7 5,8 AFNOR ST-48-b
Winter / Summer
SGTSE +2-8C_24L 550x400x350 77 40 24,2 8,5 AFNOR ST-48-b
Winter / Summer
SGTSE +2-8C_52L 600x480x475 137 50 52,2 12,1 AFNOR ST-48-b
Winter / Summer

*Volume of product.

Note: Other dimensions being developed. Consult the possibility to develop customised solutions.

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  • Thermal insulating and refrigerating solutions Tempack Pharma 36-48 h are developed in EPS 鈥 expanded polystyrene 鈥 and components with a high thermal performance (thermal barriers, cold packs...).
  • Solutions pre-qualified by Tempack laboratory, for extreme temperature ranges (summer, winter) and half season profiles (spring, autumn), with temperature peaks from -10掳小 to +36掳小.
  • Pre-qualified solutions Tempack Pharma 36-48h are supplied in a way that they can adapt to all seasons of the year, or to a specific seasonal profile, depending on the client鈥檚 requirements.
  • Thermal effectiveness, simple assembly (instructions included) and an attractive cost.
  • Excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Possibility to develop customised solutions.

Recommended use
  • Thermal insulated solutions for the maintenance and preservation of the cold chain.
  • Solution especially conceived for the distribution by road /national transport of thermolabile pharmaceutical products (sensitive to temperature changes).
  • Temperature ranges between 2-8掳C.
  • Transit autonomies (hold on times) between 36-48 hours.
  • Designed for useful volumes (payloads) of up to 37 litres.
  • Single use solutions for pharmaceutical products.

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