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Communication Covid-19


At Tempack we have been following the instructions of the Health Authorities and the WHO from the beginning, once the first cases were detected.

Tempack has adopted all the hygienic-sanitary measures recommended by those institutions, such as providing personal protective equipment, disinfecting gels, antiseptic soaps, restriction and / or cancellation of meetings, exhibitions and business trips, limiting concentration of people, etc.

Moreover, we have opted for the modification and flexibility of work schedules, non-interfering policy between work shifts as well as departments based in different buildings, for decentralized and remote work (adjusted to the characteristics of each job position) and applying ad-hoc internal contingency plans, always with an aim to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted operations of our company.

Today our facilities are fully operational. However, we cannot guarantee that this situation Will continue despite all the measures that have been implemented, as it depends on authoritiesÔÇÖ guidelines.

At Tempack, we are constantly attentive to the newest updates and instructions of the Health Authorities and the WHO and we will keep you informed about any further developments on this matter.

[Tempack ┬Ě Communication Covid-19]


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