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Pre-qualified Solutions

Before consignors of temperature-sensitive goods can send their shipments with complete confidence, many questions — primarily around temperature, time, risk, volume and cost — need answering. Assess a few key variables governing design, testing, as well as historical and predictive data governing system performance in shipping lanes, and a Tempack pre-qualified, isothermal shipping system may well be an ideal solution.

With a portfolio of thermal packages and components that is comprehensive and diverse enough to cope with any requirement or eventuality, Tempack is able to offer a range of pre-qualified, temperature control solutions for thermolabile goods to match your particular parameters.

Each unit combines different elements to suit the job at hand. Shippers, cold packs and thermal barriers are configured to operate in frozen, refrigerated, and control-room temperature ranges required for medicinal and other perishable products. These “off-the-shelf” isothermal packaging solutions will maintain any designated shipping temperature for durations of anything between 24 and 72 hours. In certain instances, these times can even be extended.

The system’s payload will determine the degree of thermal and impact protection required to match the duration and nature of the journey. Different timescales, modes of transport, handling and storage requirements, as well as budgets, are all accounted for.

Pharma 24-36 Hours Foldable
Space-saving, cost-saving, chilled transit protection

This affordable, highly-effective, pre-qualified solution will guarantee the integrity of medicines and vaccines in the cold chain for 36 hours, at refrigerated temperatures of +2° to +8°С. An extruded polystyrene shipper has been paired with rigid cold packs, and bolstered by thermal barriers, to give an incredible level of protection for national capillary distribution. Foldable, light and easy to assemble, this isothermal system for pharma offers welcome savings in storage, handling and transport costs.

Pharma 36-48 Hours AFNOR
A certified system for refrigerated terrestrial transport

Tempack’s 36-48 Hours AFNOR solution has been engineered for the rigours of terrestrial transportation. Laboratory-tested and certified, it will safeguard a 37-litre payload of thermolabile medicinal products at chilled levels for up to 48 hours. An expanded polystyrene insulating box and high-performance cooling elements ensure low thermal conductivity, energy efficiency and excellent cushioning properties. This single-use, isothermal packaging system comes pre-qualified for extreme summer and winter temperatures, as well as half-season profiles.

Pharma CRT 72 Hours ISTA
The ambient, isothermal shipping fortress

To preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals over distance during road transit, a hermetically-sealed, high-density polyurethane, isothermal shipping container has been paired with easy-to-condition, advanced, phase change material cooling packs. Extreme profile-tested for year-round performance and pre-qualified to the ISTA’s stringent 7D standards, this single-use, isothermal fortress will withstand impact and compression, comfortably maintaining consignments at control room temperatures between +15° and +25°С for up 72 hours.

Biotech 48-72h
Refrigerated air freight protection for biologics

A polyurethane shipping box complemented with an extruded polystyrene container, rigid cold packs and thermal barriers offer a superlative level of air transport protection for biotechnological products. To ensure patient well-being, Tempack’s Biotech 48-72 Hours has been laboratory-tested and pre-qualified to keep temperature-sensitive air freight at +2° to +8°C, at any time of the year. It has also been conceived to maximise payloads and reduce volumetric weight, meaning considerable savings in transport costs.

Pallet Shipper +72 hours
Safeguarding large biologic payloads over great distances

When transporting biologics and active pharmaceutical ingredients in quantities up to 1,500 litres, for long periods of time, this advanced thermo pallet system covers every angle. To preserve the efficacy of its payload in the air and on the road, a polyurethane-based shipper, phase change material cold packs and thermal barriers work in tandem. Not only will chilled and ambient temperature levels be upheld for 72 hours or more, but product integrity will not be threatened by temperature extremes inherent in global travel.

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