Pallet Shippers and Covers

An introduction to
Pallet Shippers and Covers

Tempack pallet shippers and covers work hand in glove to ensure large consignments of perishable items — such as biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, or fresh and frozen food products — receive total protection and remain stable in any given temperatures range. Whether you ship in the cold of winter or heat of summer, these isothermal shippers and covers are effective over greater distances.

With the increasing globalisation of manufacture and distribution, the need to protect temperature-sensitive products travelling between extreme climatic regions continues to grow; the risk of excursions when shipping inter-regionally and cross-hemisphere present many temperature control challenges. Ambient temperature fluctuations throughout the transportation process are unavoidable. So both our thermal pallet shippers and covers feature strength, durability and superlative insulating performance to manage the scale of the task at hand.

While pallet shippers do the hard yards for 120 hours, pallet covers will guard against short temperature spikes of up to 24 hours, minimising the risk of temperature deviations in transit and preventing spoilage.
The robustness of both solutions protects shipments from potential damage in the storage, handling and shipping processes.

Exceptional thermal performance, security, supply and cost-effectiveness are all accounted for. But ultimately, Tempack’s thermal pallet shippers and covers ensure one thing: If they leave chilled, they arrive chilled. Ditto for any other label-claim temperature requirement.

PU Pallet Shippers
Protection for long haul

Think big. Think bulk. Tempack PU pallet shippers are designed to safeguard the integrity of large, temperature-sensitive product shipments at all temperature ranges, in all modes of transport, for great distances. These isothermal shippers shield against the harshest and most diverse weather conditions. And being pallet-based, they are elevated safely from ground level. They are also highly cost-effective in comparison to multiple parcel shippers. Lightweight by design, Tempack temperature control pallet shippers are incredibly user-friendly to condition and assemble. They are available globally and come in many workable sizes.

Pallet Covers
Shielding during downtime

Tempack pallet covers have been specifically designed to provide protection at critical control points within the global distribution process. They will perform in any shipping lane but have extraordinary value in controlled lanes, where downtime between different temperature-controlled transports can occur. Manufactured from strong, flexible materials, they are outdoor- and chamber-tested — aligning to new GDP regulations — and able to cope with even the most challenging packing and warehouse conditions. These covers offer superb insulation and enable protection against temperature spikes (often encountered during periods of downtime), reducing product wastage. Materials, thicknesses and sizes can all be aligned to different operational challenges and budget requirements.

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