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The lightest and most resistant isothermal container.

The reusable Diagnosach is made up of two components:

  • A nylon/polyester exterior bag (waterproofed and quilted double polyethylene with zipper).
  • An interior polyurethane isothermal container with lid.

The Diagnosach has been specifically designed for transporting biological samples under controlled temperature conditions, whether chilled or frozen, and as an overpack for infectious samples (pursuant to ADR, IATA, RID, IMDG P650 packaging instructions).

It can be used together with the corresponding secondary packaging supplied optionally, or as an overpack for infectious substances.

It has two compartments for documents, two reinforced carrying handles and a ring to fit a seal.

Simplicity and robustness

Diagnosach has been specifically manufactured to support intense transit conditions and the mechanical stresses incurred during transport and handling.

The materials used provide a long useful life and enable easy cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, its modular construction makes it easy to replace any deteriorated parts.

It is a lightweight product, barely 2 kg (volume: 12 litres, without cold packs).

Diagnosach has carrying handles to facilitate transport and handling.

Up to 4 days' cold chain autonomy

The Diagnosach reusable container combines the isothermal capacity of two products: the exterior isothermal cover and the extremely thick and insulating rigid isothermal interior container, thus ensuring that the required temperature is maintained (5º C, -21º C, +15º C, +22º C) during more than 4 days.

5 - 42 liters
up to 96 hours
-21°С +2°С~+8°С +15°С~+25°С +22°С, +37°С
DSX 5 250x250x290 185x165x182 30 5,56 10
DSX 12 400x300x300 325x185x213 40 12,8 10
DSX 21 450x350x350 355x255x250 40 22,6 10
DSX 40 450x450x430 355x355x335 40 42,2 10

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