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Biomedical Sector

Stem cells – Umbilical Cord Blood

Case history

A German laboratory was providing future parents in any European country storage of their offsprings' umbilical cord blood.

Before obtaining authorisation from the German authorities, they had to prove the perfect efficiency of the packaging solution used to ensure the stem cells were transported within the required temperature range throughout the entire transport process.


To ensure that the umbilical cord stem cells were transported within the temperature range required by the customer and the German health regulations.


Isothermal packaging for stem cell transport

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Tempack developed and qualified a reliable packaging solution to transport blood from the umbilical cord of newborns.

The solution comprised an isothermal Lipcontainer, tailor-made based on the sizes of the bags of blood and the required temperature range.

Given that the stem cells needed to be protected from extreme temperatures (too high/low), a thermal mass, consisting of our thermal barrier, was added to the solution. In this way the stem cells were protected by a highly insulated container and by the thermal barriers.

Tempack also included its Diagnobag P650 hermetic bag, absorbent material and a reusable thermograph so that the real temperature could be monitored throughout the entire transport process. This isothermal kit was given to the future parents prior to the birth of their child. This tailor-made solution constituted a great advantage as it meant that the future parents did not have to take a large and heavy box with them to the hospital.

To ensure easier handling, Tempack created an external cardboard box that protected the kit, fitted with a safety lock and carrying handle.

During the entire route, the parents, the authorities and the blood bank could be sure that the stem cells were transported within the required temperature range.

  • Product
    • Umbilical cord blood
  • Maximum transport time
    • 48h
  • Product temperature
    • +10°C ~ +30°C
  • Environmental temperature
    • European air transport
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