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Pharmaceutical Sector

Clinical Trials

Case history

A prestigious pharmaceutical laboratory required multiple shipping of clinical trials under rigorous refrigerated temperature conditions.

The laboratory contacted us seeking an alternative to the habitual packaging used, which was supplied by its CRO.

The use of the habitual packaging posed the following problems:

  • Temperature range: The high value clinical trials froze at the beginning of the transport, occurrence that should always be prevented.
  • Non-optimised packaging size: The customer's analysis showed that it was sending more air than product.
  • Weight: The healthcare personnel receiving the packaging could not handle it due to its weight.


The habitual packaging was too large, very heavy and, most import of all, it could not maintain the desired temperature under all circumstances.

The new solution needed to eliminate all these inconveniences and also be reliable, small in size and light.


Insulated isothermal packaging for refrigerated clinical trials

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Tempack developed a customised solution for temperature controlled transport of clinical trials.

This isothermal system for clinical trials comprised a Lipcontainer, perfectly adapted to the product volume and the required temperature range, thus considerably reducing the dimensional weight of the system.

Due to the high value of the product, an additional Lipbox was used as protection against too high or low exterior temperatures, with which the product had double isothermal insulation: the Lipbox and the Lipcontainer.

Our high quality packaging system ensured maintenance of the product conditions and temperature throughout the entire transport process.

Thanks to the system of thermal barriers around the Lipbox, it was possible to effectively prevent any possible freezing caused by the frozen cold packs.

  • Product:
    • Clinical trials
  • Maximum transport time:
    • 48-72h
  • Product temperature:
    • +2掳C ~ +8掳C
  • Environmental temperature:
    • European air transport
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