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Pharmaceutical Sector

Refrigerated Biotech Transport

Case history

A leading pharmaceutical company needed to distribute its latest generation biotech products at national level in each European country.

The product volume is 8 litres. The transport was carried out within a maximum of 30 hours via traditional carriers and a rigorous temperature range of +2鈦 C to + 8鈦 C had to be maintained at any time of the year and in any European country.


At the request of our customer, the packaging designed had to be capable of maintaining the cold chain, both in the north of Europe during winter and in the south of Europe during the summer.


Isothermal packaging for refrigerated biotech transport

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Tempack developed a customised packaging system that could be used at any time throughout the year and anywhere in Europe, simply by changing the number of cold packs and their composition.
The new solution resulted in enormous savings in both direct packaging costs and indirect costs, with which it was possible to reduce:

  • Transport costs, given that the new system had less weight and volume.
  • Storage costs, as fewer references were required.
  • Handling costs, thanks to easy assembly.
  • Product:
    • Biotech
  • Maximum transport time:
    • 30h
  • Product temperature:
    • +2掳C ~ +8掳C
  • Environmental temperature:
    • Road transport within Europe, all countries and all seasons.
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