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Pharmaceutical Sector

Biotech Pallet Shipper (Thermo Pallet)

Case history

A prestigious pharmaceutical company were transporting large amounts of heat-sensitive medicines from Europe to other continents, such as Asia, Australia or North America.


Our customer contacted us seeking a less expensive alternative to the temperature controlled courier transport service.


Isothermal packaging for Pallet Shipper (Thermo Palet) - large consignments

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Tempack offered a Lipcontainer type isothermal pallet, manufactured in XPS, which was qualified taking into consideration the customer's specific requirements.

The environmental temperatures during all stages of the air transport were considered: in origin (collection in Europe), during customs inspection at the airport and finally, delivery to the destination (Australia, Japan or the U.S.).

Given that the consignments comprised high added-value products that had to be protected from extreme temperatures (hot or cold) during transit, the product was placed inside an additional insulated isothermal Lipbox.

In this way the product was doubly insulated: externally by the Lipcontainer pallet shipper and inside this, by the insulated Lipbox.

Our refrigeration cold packs ensured the required temperature range throughout the entire transport process.

Our thermal barriers constituted a thermal shield around the isothermal Lipbox, protecting the product from the exterior freezing temperatures and adjusting the temperature provided by the refrigeration cold packs.

  • Product
    • Pallet for heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products
  • Maximum transport time
    • 72-96h
  • Product temperature
    • +2掳C ~ +8掳C
  • Environmental temperature
    • Inter-continental air transport
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